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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Renick Community Center Meeting Minutes, November 7, 2016

The monthly board meeting was called to order by President Cheryl Workman at 6 pm. 

 Members Present: Cheryl Workman, Lois McCutcheon, Peggy Bovee, Annie Gillenwater,
Anne Canterbury, Rebecca Clayton

Others Present: Rich Bovee 

 Approval of Minutes: The minutes for the October 10 meeting were reviewed by those present, and
Peggy Bovee moved that they be approved as corrected. The motion carried. 

Treasurer’s Report: Lois McCutcheon reported that there is currently $4267.60 in the mortgage 
fund, while the mortgage (@$495.60/mo) from November through July, 2017 will amount to $4460.40, a $192.80 shortfall. Lois explained that there is $1667.29 in the general fund, more than enough to cover monthly bills ($100/mo) November through June. If $200 were moved from the general fund to the mortgage fund, it would still leave $600 available for expenses such as wall removal. Peggy Bovee moved that $200 be transferred to the mortgage fund, and the motion passed.

Old Business

Roof and Bathroom update: The roof costs came to $1956.14, which leaves $1956.14 for the bathroom remodel (from the $3500 grant). Bingo update: This is on hold until after the holidays.

Music night update: The menu for the November 12 music night will be soup and accompaniments. It was suggested that a regular date for Music Night would allow people to plan and attend consistently. Lois McCutcheon moved that Music Night will be on the second Saturday of each month at 6 pm, until further notice. The motion carried. 

Wall removal update: Plans to remove a wall to create a larger activity space were discussed, noting
that the work could be done in cold weather. Cost estimates and plans are needed. Discussion of
adding a second bathroom also requires plans and estimates. 

Holiday craft show: Five vendors have expressed an interest in the December 3 Craft Show: Aunt
Bea’s Baskets will occupy two spaces, and Jane Dilley, Lost Sheep Designs, Somethin’ Diff’rent
each requested a space. At least six other vendors may attend. The garage can accommodate seven
vendors, and the remainder can display in the house. The board members will meet on Tuesday,
November 29, at 1 pm to decorate the buildings and set up vendor spaces. 

 Diabetes Self Management Training: These will begin in the spring.

Strategic Planning Session
(Work session held after the meeting) Bylaws were the topic of
discussion this month. Cheryl Workman prepared a revision, and passed out copies to board members
for evaluation and editing, to be discussed at the next meeting. Mission statements were also discussed.

New Business

Modern Woodman Matching Fund Fundraiser will next be available in 2019.

Lawn mower disposal:
The riding lawn mower at the RCC has transmission and rear-end issues, and would need a new engine, as its piston rings are bad. A new engine would cost at least $400 at Harbor Freight. Peggy Bovee moved that instead it be donated to Don Kellison for parts if he still wants it. The motion carried.

Mountain Music Trail/Traveling 219:
These organization list and publicizes music venues in our vicinity. The cost to be listed is $50 for each, and reaches major cities in Maryland, Virginia, and beyond. Discussion concluded that this is not needed at the present time, but might be considered in the future.

Health Alliance Grant: Cheryl Workman and Anne Canterbury will continue to move forward with potential mini-grant applications. Two topic possibilities were plans to use the RCC for healthy activities after hours, and to encourage home gardening.

Peggy Bovee moved that the meeting be adjourned, and the motion carried. Cheryl Workman, President Rebecca Clayton, Secretary

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