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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Renick Community Center Board Meeting Minutes, October 10, 2016

Renick Community Center Meeting Minutes, October 10, 2016

The monthly board meeting was called to order by President Cheryl Workman. 

Members Present: Cheryl Workman, Peggy Bovee, Annie Gillenwater, Anne Canterbury, Rebecca Clayton, and David Ramsey 

Others Present: B.J. Workman, Larry Combs 

 Approval of Minutes: The minutes for the August 29, September 12, and September 21 meetings were reviewed by those present, and Peggy Bovee moved that they be approved as read. The motion carried. 

Treasurer’s Report: Cheryl Workman presented the treasurer's report left by Lois McCutcheon. The general fund has a balance of $1762.61, and the mortgage account has a balance of $4763.20. David Ramsey moved that the treasurer's report be approved, and the motion carried.

Old Business

Bingo update: Donna Legg was unable to attend this month, but Peggy Bovee will contact her for more information, and will ask her to suggest dates she would be available in November for a "trial run" to help determine whether this would be a viable project for the RCC. 

 Roof update: Rich Bovee got three estimates for roofing materials, and determined that Neathawk Lumber's $2000 price was the best. Delivery is scheduled for Wednesday, October 12, and B. J. Workman will meet the truck. The Day Report work crew will help put on the roof. This expenditure will leave $1500 from the grant to spend on the bathroom renovation, where the Day Report workers will be available for labor. Cheryl will contact the water company about water shut-off prior to work on the bathroom. 

 Music night update: A jam session is scheduled for November 12, at 6 p.m., with concessions available. Wall removal update: Plans to remove a wall to create a larger activity space were discussed, noting that the work could be done in cold weather. Cost estimates and plans are needed. 

Movie night update: After discussion, this activity will be planned for warm weather next year.

Holiday craft show: After discussion, David Ramsey moved that the craft show, scheduled for December 3, 10 am through 4 pm, will include vendor tables priced at $10 each. The motion passed. 

AmeriCorp Update: The board was informed that participating with the program requires a $3000 match. This is not possible, and participation cannot go forward. 

Training sessions reports: Anne Canterbury and Cheryl Workman attended Greenbrier County Health Alliance's "Diabetes Self-Management Program Leader Training, and are now certified to teach classes. They will start presenting the six-class program in November.

Peggy Bovee and Cheryl Workman reported on the September Greenbrier County Chamber of Commerce fundraising class. They have fresh ideas about publicity, grant opportunities, and inter-organizational cooperation, as well as contacts with Carnegie Hall and other Greenbrier County organizations. Cheryl and Peggy will meet with the Chamber of Commerce to discuss membership, and will also get help in making local contacts.

Revision of mission statement and logo. Yearly re-examination of these is important, and they should appear on all our public displays, including Facebook, websites, letterheads, and business cards. Strategic planning session is needed. (Described below in "New Business.")

New Business

Grants: Cheryl Workman reported on five grant proposals she has submitted.

Marie Leirt 
telephone/Internet service and laptops
Lawson and Jeannie Hamilton
telephone/Internet service and laptops
Mary B. Nickell
telephone/Internet service and laptops
Walmart Communities Grant
telephone/Internet service and laptops
Peyton Foundation
operational expenses for three years

Strategic Planning Session: The fundraising training in September highlighted the need for a strategic planning session, which can be done bit by bit at regular meetings over the next quarter. Cheryl gave a history of the organization, and handed out copies of the existing by-laws for board members to review before the next meeting, identifying potential revisions. 

Generator: The small generator Larry Combs offered to donate is not repairable. David Ramsey pointed out that a generator adequate to make the Renick Community Center an emergency shelter would need to be a whole-house generator running on propane. Also needed are cots and a shower. 

Peggy Bovee moved that the meeting be adjourned, and the motion carried. 

Cheryl Workman, President
Rebecca Clayton, Secretary

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