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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Renick Community Center Board Meeting Minutes, December, 2016

Renick Community Center Meeting Minutes,  December 5, 2016

The monthly board meeting was called to order by President Cheryl Workman at 6 pm. 

Members Present: Cheryl Workman, Lois McCutcheon, Peggy Bovee, Annie Gillenwater,
Anne Canterbury, Rebecca Clayton, David Ramsey 
Others Present: Rich Bovee, Larry Combs, Quincey Gray McMichael 

Approval of Minutes: The minutes for the November 7 meeting were reviewed by those present,
and Peggy Bovee moved that they be approved as corrected. The motion carried. 
Treasurer’s Report: Lois McCutcheon presented the treasurer’s report. Anne Canterbury moved 
that it be accepted, and the motion passed.

Old Business

Bathroom and wall removal update: $1956.14 remains from the $3500 grant,
which can be used to remodel the existing bathroom, add a second bathroom, and remove an
interior wall to create a larger meeting room for events. The two bathroom projects can proceed at
the same time. The timing for these projects will be determined at the January board meeting.

Holiday craft show: Six vendors displayed at the December 3 craft show. The RCC netted $60 in
vendor fees, and $80 in donations for food and beverages. Vendor reaction was positive, because
the low set-up fee of $10 allowed them to make a profit even though attendees were few. Vendors
suggested that more shoppers might attend if the show were timed so that it coincided with some
other event, such as a Fourth of July parade or an ice cream social. Scheduling the craft show at
least a few months in advance would also help attract vendors and allow for more advance
advertisement. A decision about scheduling the craft show for 2017 will be made at the January

Health Alliance Grant:
Cheryl Workman will work on the grant application for this mini-grant in the next week. Fitness activities such as “Walk Across America” were discussed as possibilities.

Disposal of Kitchen Equipment:
The non-working refrigerators and other metal items will be hauled to the scrap yard.

Strategic Planning Session
(Work session held after the meeting) Bylaws were the topic of
discussion this month. Cheryl Workman collected the additions and corrections, and will work on
these before the next meeting.

New Business
Music night update: The menu for the December 10 music night will be chili and accompaniments.

Marie B. Leist Grant: The RCC was awarded this grant, for $2500 for telephone and Internet
access, as well as the equipment needed for these things. We will begin action on this project after
the first of the year. 

Request to use the RCC kitchen: Quincy Gray McMichael is looking for an inspected kitchen to
make sauerkraut and other fermented vegetable products for sale at the farmers’ markets. Health
regulations apparently require that the fermentation take place in the inspected facility, so she would
need to leave the preparation to work and ferment for at least several days. Our kitchen is not currently inspected, but it could be reinspected for a $100 fee, which Ms. McMichael would pay. After considerable discussion, it was decided that the prolonged fermentation process could interfere with other uses of the building. Peggy Bovee moved that our policy for use of the kitchen, should it be reinspected and licensed, is that we allow single-event use of the kitchen for individuals, at the current usage rate for the RCC, but we cannot commit to unattended materials that must be left in the building for extended periods. The motion carried. 

Upcoming Grant Proposals: Members generated a list of suggestions for grant proposal topics,
including building winterization, flooring upgrades, especially in the garage, and kitchen upgrades. David Ramsey moved that the meeting be adjourned, and the motion carried. 

Cheryl Workman, President 
Rebecca Clayton, Secretary

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